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Wild Lathyrus odoratus and other species...

Other Lathyrus species, including wild Lathyrus odoratus...

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Annual species

have an annual life cycle. Very easy to grow. Most are hardy and can be left to self-seed around the garden. Can be sown in succession to prolong the season of flowering.

Perennial species

will survive from one year to another. They can be sown at any time but are unlikely to flower in the first year.

How to grow


As with all plants, a good guide with Lathyrus species is to understand their natural habitat and try to reproduce it. Annuals are produced from seed and are normally sown in Spring in the UK. Most are quick to germinate and flower so respond to successional sowing to achieve flowering at different times. They required the removal of dead flower heads and watering during dry spells to prolong flowering. Most species do best in full sun but some of the more delicate annuals and the South American climbers seem to benefit from light shade during the mid-day sun.

2021-22 Catalogue available for download...

2021-22 Catalogue
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“Lathyrus: A Complete Guide”
RHS Horticultural Monograph

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