Roger Parsons Sweet Peas incorporating Cooltonagh Irish Sweet Peas
Roger Parsons Sweet PeasincorporatingCooltonagh Irish Sweet Peas

Early-flowering Sweet Peas...

These varieties are the best for hotter climates. Sow in late summer to flower from February onwards in the UK, if frost free; or sow in October to flower in April onwards under cold glass or polythene. 


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Early Multiflora varieties usually have six or more flowers per stem. These are the most popular type around the world for early cut flower production.

Gawler and Other Early varieties

usually have four flowers per stem. The Gawler series from South Australia have exceptionally good scent and are very frilly.

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2021-22 Catalogue available for download...

2021-22 Catalogue
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“Lathyrus: A Complete Guide”
RHS Horticultural Monograph

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Exhibitor's Collection - get 50 seeds of any 5 Spencer varieties. £29.00

Sussex Collection - Get 10 seeds of any 10 Spencer varieties in a presentation envelope. £14.50


Scented Collection - Get 10 seeds of any 10 Old-Fashioned or Grandiflora varieties  in a presentation envelope. £14.50

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