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Roger Parsons Sweet Peas
Roger Parsons Sweet Peas incorporating Cooltonagh Irish Sweet Peas
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Our Wholesale list of Sweet Pea seeds.....

For those wanting seeds by weight. Minimum quantity 25g of each variety/species. Except where stated, the following varieties and species are available at £45.00 per 100g, £25.00 per 50g, £13.75 per 25g. We are not registered for VAT. To confirm availability of the quantity you want and get a quotation for delivery, please Email:

More detailed variety descriptions can be found on the relevant catalogue pages:
Winter-flowering varieties
Blue Wonder - mid blue, Early Spencer type
all the following are Early Multiflora Spencer type
Solstice Crimson
Solstice Lavender

Solstice Light Blue
Solstice Light Pink
Solstice Mid Blue
Solstice Orchid - mauve
Solstice Rose
Solstice Salmon
Solstice Scarlet

Sunshine Opal - white flushed with lilac pink
Topsy - dark maroon


Spencer varieties
Spencer Mixture - £30.00 per 100g
Summer Romance mixture - £30.00 per 100g

Alison Valentini - crimson, non-tendril
Anne Barron - salmon rose pink
Audrey Kirkman - marbled pink
Bicolour Mixture
Blue Danube - mid blue

Bouquet Navy - navy blue, semi-multiflora

Bouquet Pink - rose pink on white ground, semi-multiflora
Bridget McAleer - deep mauve

Bristol - pale blue
Buccaneer - crimson
Charlie's Angel - pale blue
Daily Mail - cerise pink

Edd Fincham - purple maroon

Edith Flanagan - orange salmon
Ethel Grace - lavender
Flaked Mixture
Flying Visit - white flushed deep violet

Glasnevin - white

Grandma Butt - rose pink flushed with carmine
Gwendoline - pale magenta pink on white ground
Hannah Magovern - scarlet

Janey - scarlet flake on white ground
Jilly - cream

John Gray - light salmon pink

Joyce Stanton - dark blue
Judith Wilkinson - deep carmine
Just Julia - mid blue

Karen Harrod - mid blue

Karen Louise - lavender
King Size Navy Blue - navy blue, semi-multiflora

Lady Nicholson - mauve stripe on white ground

Lavender Flake - lavender flake on white ground

Lucy Hawthorne - white, pale seeds

Magnificent Maroon - dark maroon

Marjorie Carrier - orange pink
Millennium - crimson
Mr. P - dark blue flake on white ground
Naomi Nazareth - light blue

Noel Sutton - mid blue

Our Harry - mid blue

Peter George Wale - lavender

Pisces - pale mauve pink on white ground, non-tendril

Promise - pink/white bicolour
Rosemary Padley - crimson

Rowallane - cerise

Sheila Murray - crimson

Snowlight - white

Solitude - lavender

Strawberry Fields - cerise / pink bicolour
Striped Mixture

Susan Thomas - blue flake on white ground

Sylvia Moore - salmon pink on white ground
White Frills - white

Yvette Ann - salmon pink on cream ground

Zillah Harrod - lavender


Old Fashioned varieties
Old-fashioned Mixture 

America - red flake on white ground

Black Knight - dark maroon

Cupani - maroon / volet bicolour
Dorothy Eckford - white
Flora Norton - light blue

Indigo King - maroon / violet bicolour
King Edward VII - mid red
Lady Turral - cerise / mauve bicolour
Mrs. Collier - cream

Prima Donna - light pink


Semi-grandiflora and Modern Grandiflora varieties
Semi-grandiflora Mixture

Adorabel - lavender, turning to mauve blue

Albutt Blue - white with blue edge

April in Paris - cream with lilac edge. Also known as 'High Scent' and 'King's High Scent'.
Baby's Blush - pale blush pink / white bicolour

Cathy - cream
Kingfisher - violet flush on cream ground
Matucana - maroon / violet bicolour

Monty Don - dark maroon
Princess of Wales - purple flake on white ground
Violet Queen - violet blue


Semi-dwarf and Dwarf varieties

Bounce Mid Blue - semi-dwarf. Semi-grandiflora flower form

Cupid Pink - dwarf. Pink / white bicolour. Old-fashioned flower form

Pansy Lavender Flush - semi-dwarf. Blue flush on white ground. Old-fashioned flowers

Teresa Maureen - semi-dwarf. Mauve / white bicolour. Old-fashioned flower form

Annual species
Lathyrus annuus Mixed £30.00 per 100g

Lathyrus annuus 'Mrs R Penney' - orange
Lathyrus chloranthus £30.00 per 100g
Lathyrus hirsutus £20.00 per 100g

Lathyrus hirsutus 'Little Gems' (L. hirsutus x L. odoratus)

Lathyrus odoratus - wild sweet pea

Lathyrus sativus var. albus - white

Lathyrus sativus var. azureus - blue
Lathyrus sativus Mixed 

Lathyrus tingitanus - purple

Lathyrus tingitanus var. roseus - pink


Perennial species

Lathyrus cirrhosus

Lathyrus laevigatus £25.00 per 100g

Lathyrus polyphyllus
Lathyrus sylvestris £20.00 per 100g
Lathyrus vernus Mixed - mixed colours and leaf forms

Lathyrus vernus 'Albo-roseus' - pink / white bicolour flowers

Lathyrus vernus 'Angustifolius' - narrow leaflets
Lathyrus vernus subsp. vernus - mauve blue flowers

Our Prices...

All seeds on this site are £1.50 per packet (minimum 10 seeds) or £6.50 per large packet (min. 50 seeds) unless otherwise stated.

Varieties and species not currently shown on the site are £2.50 per packet, £8.50 per large packet.

Please add postage:

£1.30 per seed order to the UK and Islands;

£2.60 to Europe outside the UK

£8.50 to the USA

£3.20 to the rest of the world

Our Collections...

Scented Collection - £13.50

10 packets from the varieties listed on our "Old-fashioned & Grandiflora" pages. You can choose or else leave it to us.


Sussex Collection - £13.50

10 packets from the varieties listed on our "Spencer" pages. You can choose or else leave it to us.


Exhibitor's Collection £29.00

5 large packets from the varieties listed on our "Spencer" pages. You can choose or else leave it to us.

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